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How will the deck be prepared?

The deck is power washed to remove as much dirt and grime as possible. If the deck has a deteriorating coat of another deck pain, it is Imperative to remove as much as possible and power washing with a minimum of 2800 p.s.i. Is required. The deck is then sprayed with TSP (trisodium phosphate) a cleaning solution, and possibly a solution of muriatic acid, in order to remove any oily surfaces left after the power washing. The TSP and/or muriatic solution are then power washed off the deck. At this point the deck is super clean and fully prepped for best results. Next, any cracks, divots, expansion joints, etc are addressed. They are patched and filled in to disguise as much as possible.

Will the entire deck be coated?

Yes, after the deck is prepped and any areas to be taped off are finished, a skim coat (approx credit card thick) is troweled on and left to thoroughly cure, After the skim coat has dried, hardened and cured, a thicker mixture of the same dry colored resin, cementitious product is sprayed on using a hopper or other artistic method. It is more of a splatter. As it hardens, a knock down trowel is used to create a semi-smooth texture. After the knock down dries, it is scraped, swept and thoroughly cleaned of loose material. Finally, two coats of matching color sealer are applied.

What are the benefits to swimmers?

The finished deck will be slip resistant and depending on the color, will be cooler on the feet. Dark colors naturally are hotter.

How long is the process?

Roughly 5-7 days. To prep, apply skim coat, let dry 24 hours, apply the knock down coat, let dry 24 hours, apply first coat of sealer in the morning and the second coat later that day or the next. And finally, a clear "wet look" sealer is applied. Then a follow up trip to apply deck depth markers and no diving signs, as well as, a final inspection by project manager.

When is the best time to restore our deck?

As long as there are 4-5 consecutive dry days, it can be done in the fall or spring. As long as the temperature is between 40-98 degrees, the product can be properly applied.

What is the product and workmanship warranties?.

Talkin Pools warranties the entire project for 1 year and will re-coat the deck as needed every 5-10 years with epoxy paint/sealer for approximately half the cost of the initial application (deck repairs will be additional). Community can select a different color at no additional charge, in the future.

Are there unforeseen problems? Occasionally when we are nose to nose with the deck, drainage issues, etc., arise. We formulate a plan, estimate additional costs, if any, and submit to the board for approval before work proceeds. Weather forecasts are not always accurate! **Talkin Pools always does what is best for our customer. We have become a leader in the industry because of this. Talkin Pools does it right the first time, anything else, is unacceptable. 

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