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Pool Renovation

Apartments, hotels and motels, water parks, cruise ships have discovered these cost effective methods of maintaining a pristine pool.

We excel at Blue Quartz plaster


Avoid unnecessary re-plastering

when possible


Looks better longer, too!

It starts with the preparation. We surpass industry standards with our superior attention to detail at each pool.

After draining the pool, the entire surface is inspected as well as every penetration. Any additional problems are reported, with solutions and estimates, at this time. Usually, the pool's integrity is fine, minor cracks can be easily sealed and coated and a bit of tightening and caulking around the penetrations makes the pool ready for power washing. After the power wash, the surface is then acid etched, sanded, vacuumed and inspected. The pool surface is then left to thoroughly dry for the epoxy resurfacing process.

After thorough prepping, the first pool application of Poxoprime II is applied and left to dry for a minimum of 24 hours. The surface is inspected and any additional light sanding takes place. 

Finally, with perfected teamwork, the pool surface is coated TWICE with Zeron White or Bikini Blue. This is a multi-man job as seen in the picture. One man is specifically assigned to having the two part epoxy coating mixed and ready for application. Our results are so good, because a three or four man team is thoroughly covering the surface in unison, with another constantly mixing and monitoring the epoxy/catalyst viscosity. Your apartment, hotel, or HOA pool is ready for years of cost efficient enjoyment!

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Pool Renovation--

Apartments, hotels and HOA's have critical decisions to make regarding the pool's surface. While some maintain plaster is the better choice, new multi-part epoxy pool resurfacing coatings work better, are roughly 1/2 the cost, can be touched up, and best of all, decrease algae in the pool due to its non-porous surface. We are pleased to offer either plaster or our epoxy systems.


Typical 20' x 40' plaster pool

Avg depth 4.5'

Total sq ft - 1320

Pool Renovation

Epoxy coating: $8,910.00

Re-plaster using lowest researched price: $11,880.00

Re-plaster using highest researched price: $17,160.00

AND...the pool can be refreshed as needed (approx. 8-10 years) for $5940.00 while the cost of plastering will continue to rise.

Increase RESERVE FUND from $3,630.00 to $8910.00, today and forever!